All Saints Woodville Wedding Photographer- Kalyce & Matt

Wow it’s been a long time since I blogged an actual full wedding! So I’m just going to start with random weddings from here and there, some favourite venues and locations and the like. Let’s start with Kalyce & Matt’s absolutely gorgeous wedding in Woodville near Maitland.

After postponing their initial wedding date, these two beautiful people just couldn’t wait to say I do! Kalyce got ready at the lovely heritage estate Maddie’s of Bolwara, then headed off to the quaint little chapel of All Saints Woodville where they also had the reception in the church hall marquee. There were tears all round when Kalyce stopped for a precious moment with her darling Nan before Matt took her hand and couldn’t take his eyes off her!

After the ceremony we went down the road to what I can only describe as photographer’s heaven- Albion Park Farm! The light was just perfect and the property is just abundant in amazing backdrops, I could barely BREATHE I was so excited! And then we got a rainbow. And then a spectacular sunset. Just stop it!!


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3 Responses to “All Saints Woodville Wedding Photographer- Kalyce & Matt”

  1. Helen Davis

    The day,the photos are amazing . Beautiful.

  2. Celia

    such a beautiful day the photos speak for them selves xxx love u guys xx just beautiful

  3. Kalyce Howard

    We feel so honoured to have been one of your first (new) blogs! We absolutely love our photos. It’s lovely to have a little recap here of our special day. Thank you so much.xx

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