Happy New Year! A 2015 Photography Recap…

So once again I fell off the blogging wagon…
I had made the decision it was time for me to break up with my blog, things just weren’t working for the two of us, I didn’t give enough time and attention and bloggy felt neglected. We had tried many times, but it always seems to end up this way! A few friends have convinced me to give it one more try, so here I am, bloggy and I are back together to give it one more shot and I have scheduled in blogging as part of my week!
So given I was such a slacker last year, we had better start with a recap! A few of my favourite shots from 2015’s weddings, portraits, awards and play time. I cut back on the weddings last year and moved more towards portraits, I shot families, kids, women, and boudoir. Some of those shoots I don’t have permission to post, and although I would love to share I completely respect the privacy of my clients!
Thank you to all my lovely clients for trusting me with your precious memories, I’m excited for this year and what it may bring! Julie xx

Untitled_461 Untitled_462 Untitled_463 Untitled_464 Untitled_465 Untitled_500 Untitled_496 Untitled_466 Untitled_467  Untitled_469 Untitled_470 Untitled_471 Untitled_472 Untitled_473 Untitled_474 Untitled_475 Untitled_495



Untitled_497 Untitled_498 Untitled_476 Untitled_477 Untitled_478  Untitled_480 Untitled_479



Untitled_499 Untitled_483



Untitled_484 Untitled_485 Untitled_486 Untitled_487 Untitled_489 Untitled_490 Untitled_491


Untitled_492 Untitled_494 Untitled_468

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  1. Sarah

    So I found a favourite….and then another…..and another….you know me. Always indecisive!

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