A Sparkly New Blog!

Anyone who has followed me on Facebook or my old blog will know, I’m a really BAD blogger! But I really need to do this, and I need to be accountable for it, so I’m scheduling in a weekly blog post and if I failĀ  to do so I have consequences!

I’m going to start off with the recent Australian Professional Photography Awards(APPA), which were held this year in Sydney. I have entered these awards for the last 4 years now, let me tell you, the judging gets harder and harder every year! If you come away with a silver merit you’ve done pretty well. A gold is the elusive holy grail, achieved by only a few, and so so hard to get! One day…

Two years ago I became an associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography(AIPP), which means I earned 5 points in 2 years(1 silver = 1 point, 1 gold = 2 points), and am now half way to achieving the next level, Master of Photography(10 points in 5yrs). Below are all the images I have been awarded to get me this far, and a few party shots from the Awards dinner with my talented fellow photographers Lisa Lent, Shannon Cotterill and Bella Taylor.


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