Sydney Wedding Photographer- Ann & Peter at Neilsen Park

Another special wedding from last year which I absolutely loved! Ann & Peter came for a wedding consult and we just hit it off immediately, you know like little kids who meet in the sandpit and become instant bestest friends?! So I knew I was in for a fun day with these two, but OH MY LORDY my sides hurt from laughing and my face hurt from smiling! And then there was the mascara runs. Yes, tears sweetie, tears!

Since they had no official bridal party and some timing conflicts with the venue, I suggested doing a first look photo shoot before the ceremony. Peter wasn’t keen but he came around to the idea, and after all was said and done absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone!

Ann was getting ready at the beautiful Sir Stamford Circular Quay, when she was ready Peter met her in the stunningly ornate lobby. Let me set the scene: one very excited super happy bride approaches her husband to be from behind and taps him on the shoulder. It’s just them(and me!), no other guests around, there’s opera music playing, he turns and is completely blown away and his reaction is one I would love to bottle and give to every Groom! She’s crying, he’s crying, I’m crying, were all laughing because we’re all crying…it was what you callĀ  a “moment” for sure!

After a short photo shoot in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, we then headed off to the ceremony in the cute vintage cafe, Neilsen Park Kiosk. Cue more laughter, more tears, more fun! The reception was held in the hall at the back of the Kiosk, and it had been absolutely transformed by Alicia and her team from Form Over Function! Wow! The place was brimming with fresh flowers, candles in vintage crystal, horse shoe place markers and an incredible hand painted cake by Faye Cahill Cakes .


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